[Update] CDBurnerXP


Ich hatte ja die Funktionen des Brennprogramms schon beschrieben und mache deshalb nun eine Fix und Update Liste.

Was das Bennproggi alles kann, ist hier nach zu lesen: http://mabie1.bplaced.net/?p=54

Changes in Version – 2009-10-08:

  • Added support for MPC (Musepack) and Wavpack audio files
  • Custom file display formats for cover printing
  • New disc info dialog
  • Allow playing tracks by using the Enter key in the audio file list
  • More elegant file names for ripped tracks (also tries reading CD-Text)
  • Removed a basically useless „ready“ page in the installer to reduce the steps required to install
  • Fixed negative free disc space for audio disc
  • Fixed a COMException when a drive has been disconnected
  • Show more helpful error message for MissingMessageExceptions
  • Fixed an UnauthorizedAccessException
  • Fixed a crash that occured when ejecting the disc after erasing




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